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At a gathering of rural deans (priests who have pastoral care of a chapter of clergy) the new bishop of Exeter told us that a rural dean was in essence a contemplative.  I had two immediate reactions to that - the first is "Oh that's so beautiful" followed by a sarcastic "yeah - right!" But, there is a part of me, you might say my true self or that part of brain that instinctively knows what's what, appreciates that the bishop is right. He is  right not only for rural deans, a job mired in paperwork (what job these days is not?) but for Christians in general. 

The quote 'He who loves community destroys it' from the German underground pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1945) is one that should haunt all of us involved in the business (or busy-ness) of new monasticism. Bonhoeffer did add 'He who loves the brethen builds community,' meaning that all our efforts must be more than schemes and focus on people.  Remember that song by Barbara Striesand 'People' (1964). Yes, its all about people. There is the joke - that this or that job would be much more easier without people. 

Well, what a fabulously busy and productive weekend we had! On Saturday 9th July our three hopeful candidates (Johnny, Lewis and Ed) joined us for the weekend, to see the area, see the house and meet our church family. They joined in our services on Sunday, both the Sea Service on Sunday Morning and the wonderfully spiritual contemplative service on Sunday evening followed by supper, we had cream teas and tennis up at the vicarage in Malborough on Sunday afternoon and they got stuck in building the labyrinth at Galmpton Church on Monday.

Tomorrow this article will already be out of date with the results of the EU referrendum out in the open. There are no exit polls so I and the rest of us can only guess what the outcome will be.  Will the so-called 'bashful Brexiters' swing the whole thing in their direction or will the nation choose to remain in the EU?